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Feed Department

​AGRILAND FS Feed department has a lot of great reasons for you to choose us for all of your livestock needs: 
  • Locally manufactured supplements and complete feeds
  • Roller mill for swine starter and complete feeds 
  • Nutrition Consulting—perform updated rations and formulas for maximum Rate of Gain efficiencies 
  • Flexibility to mill beef, dairy, or swine feeds for custom-made formulas 
  • Great service with limited advance notice for delivery time 
  • FDA approved mill with excellent quality control 
  • Sufficient inventory with store and animal health products 
  • Year-end prepay programs 
  • Ability to feed pelleted feeds from centralized mills
  • Grain merchandising opportunities    
Feeds available from your AGRILAND FS Feed Location: 
  • MFA Swine Nutrition                                                                                 
  • Land O' Lakes Swine Nutrition
  • ADM Beef Feeds 
  • VitaFerm Cattle Premixes
  • Animal Health Products
  • Animal Companion Products--pet foods, horse feed, chicken feed, fish food, and milk replacers
Feed Department
230​5 Hwy 23 South
Oskaloosa, IA 52577
Feed Mill Office: (641) 673-5976​