Internship Opportunities

Join us for a summer of real-world experience!  AGRILAND FS offers three challenging internship opportunities to help college students expand their skills sets, provide hands-on training, and ultimately ​​advance their educations.

 Operational Internship

​​Individuals will be responsible for assisting local AGRILAND FS facility in agronomy
or energy operations, as seasonal needs demand.  Individual will experience a
variety of responsibilities related to the delivery, storage, and maintenance of the
products and services supplied by the location.  Individuals will gain experience
working in a fast paced, highly demanding environment with the ability to make a
difference for the customers' serviced by the location.  This entry-level internship
will allow individuals the opportunity to grow into additional roles as they continue
with their education.​

 Crop Scouting Internship

​Individual will monitor assigned crops throughout a 10-12 week spring and summer growing season.  Using integrated pest management and good agronomy skills, crop scouts produce written reports for customers and agronomy team to communicate and share information about the quality of the growing crop.  Based on the scouts' recommendations, customers may choose treatment options to reduce yield loss.  Scouts receive excellent training and meet once a week to review and practice agronomy skills. ​​


 Agronomy Sales Internship

This internship is designed for students with one summer left before they graduate. Individual will crop scout and assist with customer service while accomplishing a variety of projects. Projects will involve setting appointments with customers and one-on-one meetings with customers to gather grower information. Interns will learn about business, sales, and agronomy. The internship ends with a business presentation about their projects to selected leadership staff. Locations within trade territory will be announced at a later time. Qualified interns must have prior work related experience in agronomy or agriculture.

For more information on the application process or location availability, please contact Robert Meade, Recruiting and Development Specialist.