Farmers partner with AGRILAND FS for their grain marketing needs with access to end user markets, competitive bids and pricing programs to increase their profitability from start to finish. At AGRILAND FS, experienced staff provides competitive prices, transportation needs, drying and storage service. AGRILAND FS employees pride themselves on being able to unload grain quickly during the busy harvest season. AGRILAND FS can meet the demands of the producer and consumer, supplying grain to countries all over the world.

Grain App

For the latest cash bids, download the new AGRILAND FS - Grain App Powered by BUSHEL for Androids and iPhones!

On our new grain app, you will be able to see cash bids in real-time, track and review grain contracts, and see your scale tickets in real-time. 

For more information on the AGRILAND FS - Grain app click here

For instructions on Direct-Ship Ticket Entry on the AGRILAND FS - Grain app click here.


2022 Average Price Program

AGRILAND FS is offering a new program for pricing new crop delivery bushels to our Clarinda, IA location. Learn more here.


2021-2022 Grain Policies

Learn more about our grain policies for the 2021-2022 year.


ACH and Grain Payments

Learn more about our grain payment policy.