Current Openings

At AGRILAND FS, we strive to find "right-fit" employees to help us maintain our reputation as the premier farm cooperative. We invite you to take a look at the career and intern opportunities we have available.

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​Date ​Posted


​All Locations03/15/18

Energy Equipment Operator

​Canby, IA​03/15/18
Petroleum Sales & Delivery Specialist​Knoxville, IA​03/15/18
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Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper​Knoxville, IA​03/15/18
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Fuel Delivery Specialist

​Newark, OH​03​/15/18
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Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper (Temporary)

​Underwood, IA​03/15/18
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​Fuel Delivery Specialist

​Underwood, IA03/15/18Apply no​w​​

​Feed Operations and Delivery Specialist

​Clarinda, IA​03/15/18
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Ag Equipment​ Operator​Griswold, IA​​03/15/18
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​​Ag Equipment​ Operator​Harlan, IA​03/15/18
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Ag Equipment​ Operator​Hedrick, IA​03/15/18
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Ag Equipment​ Operator​Indianola, IA03/15/18
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Ag Equipment​ Operator​Underwood, IA​03/15/18
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Ag Equipment​ Operator​Woodbine, IA​03/15/18
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Ag Equipment​ Operator​Wyman, IA​03/15/18
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Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper

​Winterset, IA03/15/18
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​​​Propane Sales and Delivery

​Audubon, IA​03/15/18
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Company ​Energy Construction & Maintenance Specialist

​Winterset, IA03/15/18
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Petroleum Sales & Delivery Specialist

​Winterset, IA​03/15/18
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Feed Sales Specialist

​Oskaloosa, IA03/15/18
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​Petroleum Sales & Delivery Specialist

​Murray, IA​03/15/18
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Petroleum Sales & Delivery Specialist

​​Griswold, IA03/15/18
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As a fa​rmer-owned cooperative dedicated to being a value-added supplier of products and services, the professional employees of AGRILAND FS work as a team with the goal of improving your farm profitability. Employees become partners with customers by earning their business through reducing risk, improving revenues, and making customers' lives easier.



With a strong balance sheet comes a strong foundation for success. AGRILAND FS not only invests in equipment and technology for fast, efficient service, but invests heavily within employees by identifying and developing talent. It is the ability to identify and grow leaders in every department and location that defines the AGRILAND way. Each individual is given the coaching and life-long learning ​to help reach his or her professional goals. 



Investing in our employees only starts with training and professional development. AGRILAND FS also offers a full range of employee benefits that add stability, security, and long-term financial success to each individual. AGRILAND is one of the few companies today still offering a strong, fully-funded pension plan that guarantees employees a retirement nest egg.