AGRILAND FS is a leader in the energy business, supplying products to farmers, businessmen, and homeowners across Iowa and now servicing places such as Council Bluffs and Omaha!  When it comes to reducing the cost of fueling and maintaining your farm equipment, no one is in a better position to help than the energy specialists at AGRILAND FS.  We formulate our own fuels and lubricants to meet and exceed OEM standards.  We have the products that can help improve fuel efficiency, extend drain intervals, lower your maintenance costs and keep your equipment running smoothly. FS Dieselex Gold – our premium diesel fuel – is unmatched in the industry for performance.
We're also committed to the use of home-grown fuels. Home-grown fuels are made from domestic, renewable resources like soybeans, which add to our national energy security, and are better for our environment and economy. And you won’t lose performance, because it works similarly to petroleum diesel but with greatly enhanced lubricity and with higher cetane—which help extend the life of your diesel engines. AGRILAND FS is proud to bring biodiesel to the farms, homes, and businesses of America.​